As you probably noticed UNMUTE started this year with a lot of noise.  On January 1st , we served you the podcast of Monika Ross, announced our first Various Artists EP and the collaboration with the fashion brand liël and the launch of our renewed website. 

Therefore, we were in need of a refreshed visual identity of our channels and the 3rd quarter of 2020 we used our time wisely to make first steps in this process.  

On our road to professionalism we welcomed a new member to our team: creative director Eduard Haumahu. He is responsible for bringing all our ambitions together in a solid corporate identity and visualizes the core of UNMUTE in every expression we have. 

The word ‘unmute’ itself has a strong connotation. For our founder Rutger it means to help other talented artists: to allow to be heard. Next to this, the formula ‘we amplify creativity’,  the updated logo in 2019 and the core values ‘open’ ,‘cohesion’ and ‘dedication’ resemble a strong base for UNMUTE’s new refreshing corporate- and visual identity. 

In general, this base is a strong foundation for Eduard to further work on. The hexagon resembles the underground industrial nature and the shades of purple and magenta UNMUTE’s warm, welcoming and accessible vibe and approach. It seems like a contradiction; to be underground and accessible at the same time, but that’s the challenge we are up to. 

The corporate identity is the core of UNMUTE: it isn’t only about our logo or graphic designs. Actually, that is where it starts. 

Our ambitions are big. It is our intention to serve our community and give people the best experience in any way possible. We serve warm joyful events where people can dance and party like there is no tomorrow. We air podcast series for people to enjoy while working. We inform about updates in our scene and we release music. This is where we want to bring warmth and provide an open accessible vibe and approach, not only with our color scheme of magenta and purple and the industrialized forms and schemes. We keep our visual approach a bit more underground using these industrial forms and shapes with the hexagon as a starting point. For us, this solves the visual case of being underground and accessible at the same time.

Our mission statement includes bringing creative minds together and amplifying their work and helping them cut through the cluttered noise of our information overloaded society. This is the meaning behind our formula ‘we amplify creativity’. It comes in a word with a strong connotation; ‘amplify’. We visualized this in our logo with the hexagon. That is a good starting point and from there the possibilities are endless. Especially when this is combined with the expressions mentioned before. Where our logo is a small representation of who we are, we strive to build this up as a platform for our community to enjoy the full UNMUTE experience.  


Like we said, our ambitions are big and the difficulty in the variety of these ambitions is brought together in our updated corporate identity. Stay tuned and be amazed because this all will come to expression in the roars we made and will make in the near future.

Look out for our collaboration with liël and the Various Artists E.P. we will soon drop!



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