A head full of curls and a heart for fashion. As a Fashion Editor / stylist, Pip Peters has been living in our beautiful capital for a few years now. She did an internship with Danie Bles and worked as a Fashion Editor at Grazia. Her dream? Working with big international brands with her own company Voyage. Dream big, right? We sat down with Pip to get to know her and her work a little better!

How would you best describe yourself?
“Curious, enthusiastic and ambitious. Always looking and up for adventure. Really insecure, but I always stand my ground. Something like that? How would you describe me? I find that much more interesting ;)”

As a passionate woman with so many talents!

How long have you been working in the world of fashion?
“Immediately after putting a HAVO diploma in my pocket, I ran to Amsterdam to take a fashion course. I just turned 17 and found myself too young and inexperienced to go straight to AMFI. I made the decision to go to a styling school to take a closer look at the fashion world. Ever since I can remember I have been involved in theater. Day in, day out, so I had not yet learned about fashion.

Conclusion: I have been in the fashion world for 4.5 years”

 How many jobs have you done so far?
“After the styling course I was asked to do an internship with the owner of the school, Danie Bles. I was able to learn a lot from her for six months. When I got the opportunity to do an internship with Grazia and Marie Claire, I of course immediately took on the job.

Two months later, my internship supervisor decided to choose for herself and to give up her permanent job. Well, you guessed it, Pip was allowed to take over the toko. When I was 18 I was suddenly a Fashion Editor for Grazia and Marie Claire. For two years I was able to experience so many adventures, get to know people, travel, so special.

At the beginning of 2020 I made the choice to continue as a freelancer and quit my permanent job, which felt very exciting. I knew that I had finished learning with Grazia and Marie Claire, I wanted more. The freelance life works well, despite the turbulent situation nowadays with COVID-19 being in all of our lives. I can work for great brands and customers. A lot of styling, but also writing, social media and (my old love) here and there some acting / presenting jobs.

In November I started Voyage together with photographer Esmee Doorn. We are a creative duo, with Esmee as the photographer and me as the stylist. Together we take care of the entire creative process. Very nice and so nice to be able to work together. We also managed to acquire a beautiful studio on the Keizersgracht from the 1st of March. So proud of us!”

What was the best job so far?
“Nice question for me, because I realize that I don’t think about it often enough. There are a lot of great jobs that I have been able to do, I cannot choose one. But, the most special experience was that I was flown in to Rome to attend the H&M show, they put me on the freaking front row! Together with Annick (PR of H&M Netherlands) I was allowed to stay in Rome for a few days and I lived in a kind of film. We were driven everywhere, attended an intimate after party where Peggy Gou was spinning and had an assistant to hold our umbrella. All so silly, but I am so grateful to have been able to experience this.”

 What are your ambitions for the future?
“I think it would be great to make Voyage a big name and to be able to make many beautiful things together with Esmee.

I also have a secret dream to pick up my theater background again. This is something I still get blissfully happy about, but got away from in high school. Being able to tell stories and entertain is the best thing there is. Making beautiful things together, entertaining people and learning something.”

Who inspire you?
“My parents, one hundred percent. My mother is a writer and my dad has been working as an entertainer / actor for 25 years. If you had asked me this 8 years ago I would never have given the same answer. During my puberty I have often been looked at strange / teased with the fact that my father and I were both on stage a lot. That was strange, unknown. When I look back, I regret not standing up for myself anymore. Fortunately I see this differently now and I am very proud of my dad and the beautiful things that I have been able to experience myself.”

Who would you like to work with again?
“I think it would be great to be able to shoot with Voyage for international magazines and brands. For now I am very grateful to everyone I can work with. I meet so many beautiful and inspiring people, that is really a gift.”

What do you do in everyday life?
“Unfortunately I cannot practice my biggest hobby through COVID at the moment. But I really enjoy partying with lovely people around me. That makes me so happy. Listening to the same music together, happy faces around me and enjoying it.

For now, I get my energy from dinners with friends and making beautiful work.”

Do you have anything more you’d like to share?
“I am lucky to have been able to experience the very first UNMUTE party, how special! I am so proud of you and your friendship is worth everything to me. Love you guys, proud girl here.”

May we thank you for this pleasant interview?
You guys? always!



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