Max started his musical journey at a very young age. His uncle was a DJ and was the person that got Max into his passion for DJing. When Max’ uncle was 20 years old nobody was a DJ as a profession, that didn’t really exist in Argentina during that time. Max’ uncle was a DJ purely for the love of the craft, and he made sure that Max got every piece of this dedication with him in his musical education.

Max’ uncle lived at his grandmother’s place and had a room upstairs filled with lots of records, two pairs of technics and a mixer. Max used to spend days in this room, always asking his uncle to play him lots of records.

When Max became 12 years old his uncle gave him his first mixer. From there on Max used a cd and cassette player to fade in and fade out songs. Being the start of his DJing. Armed with a full on dedication to the music Max was fully indulged. Where most 12/13 year old kids would ask for toys, a new bike or typical sports gear like footballs for their birthday, Max would consistently deliver a big list of all the music he wanted to buy to his parents with the notion “please give me as much as possible”

Max started to get a lot of cds, he also went to galleries, markets and record stores to further dig for music. In this journey he really developed a love for the physical medium on which to play your music, starting with cds and later on vinyl. Max really was in it for the love of the music, just like his uncle.

When Max was 15 years old he played his first gig at a friend’s birthday party. From that show he never stopped and when he was 17 he bought his first pair of CD players. Which gave him the possibility to start a mobile DJ show, doing parties at friend’s birthdays and other private events.

From there Max quickly became a resident DJ in different saloons and bar dancings, all the way into developing himself into becoming a resident DJ in three nightclubs of Buenos Aires, three nights per week.

Although the quantity of playing was nice, Max felt as if he was needed to play a more commercial sound than he would love to play. After doing this for a while he reached the point where he didn’t want to play these sounds anymore and focus purely on the sound that represents him as an artist.

From that moment he decided that if someone wants to hire him as a DJ they need to hire him as a DJ because of what he wants to play, not because of what they want him to play.

In the beginning it was hard to go from 3 shows a week to being super critical, but once it started moving it got better and better.

Eventually Max Haas became a resident of Pacha Buenos Aires, Club One (Now: Arriba – Buenos Aires), Pueblo Limite (Villa Gesell), Club 69 Buenos Aires and playing next to names like Dubfire, Pete Tong, Franco Cinelli, PrunkChris Stussy, and also playing festivals like Sónar Buenos Aires and MUTEK Argentina.

Max managed to get this far in Argentina because he really stayed true to his own sound. Max says that this is one of the most important aspects of a DJ and also clarifies that even in his early DJ days, when he was playing the more commercial sounds, he always stayed true to only playing music that he likes.

However, there is a difference between liking certain music and representing certain music as an artist. Most DJs have a much broader musical taste than what they play and produce, but it is important that you know what music you want to represent.

For Max Haas the realisation of what he wanted to represent as an artist came 5/6 years ago, when he was much more into House music and this was the genre that influenced him the most. The sound that he found was fitting him as an artist always stays true to the essence of Classic House, influenced by artists like Kerri Chandler, D’julz, Djebali and Phil Weeks as a few examples, and is combined with the more minimal sounds of house music which he always loved.

Max blends both these influences together in his sets, playing mostly minimal house music and using the more classic house influenced tracks for certain moments to give his sets his own personal touch.

For his label HAAS Records Max focusses on creating releases that carry the same formula of his DJ sets, delivering a nice combination of more minimal/tech and classic house influenced tracks on an EP.

“If you would put a whole HAAS Records EP in a set you will find that it will have different kind of moments and feelings that can be delivered to the crowd. That’s the way I like to play and that’s what I feel is the sound that nowadays represents me as an artist, including groovy basslines, chords and the classic house influence by vocals, added with more minimal vibes in the drums and percussion.”

Now that Max has found his formula he also changed his stagename from Maximilian Haas to Max Haas, seeing this as a new chapter to pursue the sound that he really likes. DJing and producing under Maximilian Haas was his learning proces, now that he has found the sound that he really likes he wants to focus solely on this under his Max Haas alias, creating something unique to stand out as an artist.

“I feel that there are so many DJs that can play a bunch of different sounds and genres without getting noticed. For me the key nowadays is to be really into your sound, be true to yourself, always make music from the heart and be yourself, not making the music that somebody else does.”

And this beautiful philosophy has gotten him very far into playing all big parties in Buenos Aires.

However, at a certain point Max felt as if he did everything he could as an artist in Argentina. “I was already playing Argentina and some other countries next to it, I played Pacha and all other big parties, but it came to a point where I couldn’t really progress any further”

Max had the clear goal that he wants to keep releasing music and supporting artists that he likes, but most of them are based in Europe, the biggest part of his scene is based in Europe and he wanted to get booked in Europe more often. Therefore it seemed like a logical step to him to live in Europe, making it more convenient to go to European countries for meetings, gigs and meeting other artists.

When Max first came to Europe for his European tour two years ago he realised he needed to have a brand behind him as an artist to make it in the overly saturated European scene. Therefore Max decided that he needed to make plan before he went to Europe to ensure a fruitful career. This was the start of the HAAS Records idea, which Max started in 2018.

After carefully building the label Max hosted a showcase in Buenos Aires in January this year, where he booked Prunk as a headliner of the event.

Doing this event was the proof to himself that he could produce big events, because he did everything himself. From the bookings, to the hotels, to transportation, the sound system, led screens, hiring photographers and a video guy + three freelancers, and doing the decoration. It was a lot of stress but everything went out the way he expected. So that was when he felt like he was ready to for the next level. And he moved to Barcelona in April this year.

Since being in Barcelona things are going really fast. When Max arrived he already knew a few people, including the CEO of Bridge_48 Studios. This gave him the possibility to start working at Bridge_48 as an audio engineer and music tutor. Something he was already doing in Buenos Aires, and Bridge_48 was like the 3.0 version of the studio facility he worked for back home.

Working at Bridge_48 Studios in Barcelona allowed him to connect with a lot of people. He met a few people that were in the same sound as him and was immediately invited to play some of their parties. At another party where Yanick Antonio was playing he met ALUSH, which was the first promoter Max met that was doing the same type of sound.

From there Max just went to multiple parties and met more and more people. Talking about music, his sound, HAAS Records and himself as an artist. Finding out who were the people that were doing the sound that he likes and finding ways to connect with them. And from there everything is going well and in the right direction.

Upcoming plans are: partnering with a new distributor for the label, testing the liveshows he’s preparing as an artist, working on the new HAAS Records releases, next to consistently playing Barcelona clubs like Macarena ClubCity Hall – Barcelona, Garage 442Go Beach Club.

Max Haas is definitely on a stroll since moving to Barcelona and he is looking forward to making up a balance in April 2020 to look back one year and see how far he has come since moving to Europe.

We are also overly excited because we believe that Max Haas will make some strong waves in the European scene this year.

And to start of with, Max Haas and UNMUTE are both very much looking forward to have him playing UNMUTE x Wilde Westen ADE special this Friday as the headliner of our event!



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