Our collaboration with fashion brand liël most likely didn’t go unnoticed. Now the campaign is up and running, we had some time to sit down with the founder and talk about his vision, starting his business and ultimately UNMUTE x liël. 

Please, for our readers, can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

My name is Gamaliël Gefferie and I’m 31 years old. I was born and raised in Amsterdam, in “de Pijp” to be precise. I am the founder of liël, which is a high end handmade fashion brand based in Amsterdam.

Were you always interested in having your own business?

Yes I was, I have to admit that I didn’t knew which industry interested me the most. However, working for a boss wasn’t going to do it for me, so I’m not surprised to see myself in this position. I really value to be free and in control.

What made you take the first step starting your business?

My boss at the tailor shop I work for told me to start a fashion brand from the start. At first, I never really took it into consideration. However, when I slightly adjusted the fit of an existing shirt to my style, things started.

I made one for my brother and myself. Both of us wore them to ADE 2 years ago. I was surprised how many people started asking questions about the t-shirts or were giving compliments. This is when I found out there was a need for my product, that’s how liël was born.

What is the biggest value of your business?

Everything is handmade from start to finish, this ensures the highest quality and selection of materials. This also makes it possible to do custom shirts on requests; think about fit and colors for example.

How do you like having a business in the fashion industry?

Good, to be honest. I was in a tunnel vision for quite some time. Producing the shirts I like, all by myself without being influenced by anything. Recently I have realized that opening up to your surroundings is very important. I think this is the only way to develop and grow your business; take our collaboration as an example.

What tips can you give for starting your own (clothing) business?

Be prepared! My first stock was fully based on what I thought people were going to buy that summer. I went for bright festival colours. Even though, this was a weird year, it turns out that most of the people want basic colours. I never did research, make sure you do!

Why do you find it important to do everything yourself?

First of all, my job is my passion, just like it is to you. You guys also love to be one playing in the booth. Secondly, I love to be in control of my product. By doing everything myself, I can assure a consistent flow of quality, and do everything the way I think is best.

How do you see UNMUTE?

I see UNMUTE as a professional company. When one of you approached me I was wondering how you haven’t been on my radar all the time being pretty well-known in the scene with your events and live-streams. Later on, I realized you guys have only been getting big the past year. I’m very sure when everything reopens, there are a lot of beautiful things coming up!

What is the power of our collaboration?

I see it like this; we are joining products that our identical target groups want. In average, the people at your parties are the people that might want to buy my clothing. 1+1=2, right?

What are your future ideas for our collaboration?

I really liked this first collaboration and I’m very proud of the result. I would love to work with UNMUTE again, nevertheless I think its very important to also grow and develop separately. If we keep doing what we do, in a low frequention, I think we can keep giving our customers what they want. Original, quality stuff!



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