ADE 2019

It all started with a young boy growing up in a family with music as a mutual passion. “I remember being six years old running around at family parties. My parents, uncles and aunties were all playing classical instruments, it was something that connected our family in so many ways. I never knew my grandfather but he was a great composer and that’s why all of his kids grew up playing classical instruments. This was my mothers side of the family, my father also loves music and plays the piano extremely well. You could say music is embedded in our DNA.”

When Borren was six years old he started playing the violin and later on he also started playing guitar. Playing the guitar he loved metal and funk, mostly because of the way the riffs come forth in these genres. He attended the Rockacademie and started playing in a grunch band, soon after that a funk band and also a metal band. Later on during his studies he started taking lessons in producing as well. “All the instruments I played are in some way still embedded in my sound. Of course I love to spice it up. Beats and basslines, that’s my formula nowadays.”

“Together with a friend I started Electrophants a live act with a wide range of instruments, mostly dubstep and electro.”

Borren released tracks under U Know The Drill, Boemklatsch and the OT301 label Basserk Records. “I remember thinking when I started producing house that I was using the phat basslines that dubstep and electro inspired me to do so.”

When he uploaded one of his tracks to Soundcloud he got a message from Firdjel from SlapFunk Records. “They wanted to release one of my tracks (Stacking Papers – 2014). His musical train left with the release of this track on the SlapFunk Records label and it hasn’t stopped ever since. “In my opinion my sound was too bass for house and too house for bass, but people seemed to like it.”

At some point Borren realised he wanted to play a different sound. “I think this was a moment that defined my sound because I felt like I needed to deepen and broaden my view. Anyway, it meant further development of vision and sound. I still use a lot of the sounds from back then, only now they’re used in a strictly business matter.”

His first solo booking as Borren was at a party thrown by SlapFunk Records in BRET. This was a gig he had already been looking forward to for two years straight. “I finally got the chance to play at one of my favorite parties. Tracks that are being released now have been tested for over years and seem to get lots of people dancing. I’m finalizing my first solo EP at the moment which will be published on the SlapFunk Records label.”

It doesn’t stop here because after that he’s dropping a Various Artists EP with Tripmode on the Tripmode label with tracks of William Caycedo, Julian Anthony, RAW Equipment, Daniele Temperilli, and of course himself.

Tripmode is a recordlabel & crew of friends that, besides having lots of fun, work together to improve their sound. “There are so many dope tunes waiting to get taken off the shelf to make everyone listening dance their ass off.” Tripmode stands for a groovy house sound with elements of minimal and garage. “The feeling of house and minimal is something really special to me, rolling basslines and phat beats take me, and hopefully the crowd, to other levels.” A rather special thing about Tripmode is that all the producers involved have their own sounds and visions which, when carefully put together, stand for a unique unity. “The different sounds collide together in an amazing way.”

“In the two years of producing my own sound Syl (Samuel Deep) was a mentor to me. With faith and good feedback my work became better. The doubts you can sometimes feel as a musician listening to your own work faded away and so I could listen to my own music in a more constructive way. Without doubts. I’ve met so many of my best friends through music, it’s special how it connected us all.”

SlapFunk Records really is a family, together we explore new sounds and inspire each other in our passion for music. They all feel like brothers to me, seriously. The scene I’m in also complimented my own work a big lot. All the partying payed off and inspired me to experiment with so many new sounds and to bring different parts of music together. My ambitions don’t lie in becoming the biggest DJ, I just love playing and showing people new sounds. I’ll let it come as it is and we’ll see where the universe takes me.”

You can find Borren on these parties in the near future:

ADE 2019 – Tripmode w/ Borren, Daniele Temperilli and more

Closing after Benny Rodrigues b2b Michel de Hey.

And, of course at our party UNMUTE x Wilde Westen ADE special! Make sure to buy your tickets now or you’ll miss out on the banging, groovy house sound that Borren stands for!



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