Anoo Rado is a producer with an impressive creative resume. With various years of producing already in play and having published various EPs over the years the man is a gem in the contemporary music producing scene.
In expectation of his track on the forthcoming UNMUTE VA we conversed with Anoo to let you guys and girls get to know his talent. We walk you through his identity and discuss more about his sound. Further on we might tease with you what to expect of his forthcoming track. So read the interview below!


Anoo Rado, could you provide our readers a brief introduction of yourself?

“Thanks for having me! I’m Anoo, 31 years old and I live in Lelystad. I work as a full time creative front-end developer (designing and writing code) and I look forward to working less hours to make more music! I have been making music for a long time now but I had a break from music for the last 5 years but i’m back on it again!”

What attracted you to electronic music in the first place?

“I grew up listening to the old house tracks that my dad played so it was always there for me. But I really started falling in love with house when I was around 18 years old. That is when I started attending house parties.”

Who were the people you looked up to? And who do you follow lately?

“The person I looked up to is off course the legendary house producer Kerri Chandler. But right now, as for me, there are a lot of minimal house producers that are killing it and to name a few: Djoko, Chriss Stussy, Prunk, Toman and Sweely.”

It is obvious that you already did multiple things in the music industry as a DJ and event manager. Could you tell us about those early days?

“I organized illegal raves under the name Faag Vandaag and that was really epic. We set up some nice parties and this one time the police came to shut down. The officer came to me and said: “We have to stop this party but I see what you did here. This is what lelystad needs but let’s do it legally”. He continued if I was interested for a chat next week. After that talk the “legal” party Disrole was born.”

Besides organizing you started producing in 2010. Why did you start? What was it that made you wanna do it?

“So I started producing Hip Hop around 2005. Did that for a couple of years and when I was introduced to house parties I thought: let me try this!”

We see a period of non activity in your Records output (2014-2020). What did you do during this period and what made you go back to producing and releasing in 2020?

“Back then I was doing ok but I had the feeling that if the music thing didn’t work out I would have nothing to show for. So I went back to school to work on a solid safe base. I started  a media design education and continuously worked as a web designer. So after those years I currently work as a front-end developer and due to a solid income I use my spare time to pursue my love for music. Let’s go!”

So, how would you describe your sound? 

“Briefly? Minimal house, funky basslines, rolling drums and more minimal elements.”

What is/are the most important element(s) in your sound?

“For me. These are basslines and drums. If those elements sound good I know the rest will eventually get there.”

How did the sound change from the early period to where we are now?

“I used to produce deep house, mostly at 122 bpm. But I really liked this new wave with more energetic minimal house. I still like classic deep house though.”

Where do you produce your music?

“My home studio in Lelystad.”

And what is your music production routine?

“I made templates I always start with. I start with drums and try to get a feeling from the rhythm. After that, I play around with a bassline. Filling these gaps of the previous rhythm. What happens after that changes per session, but the start is quite the same.”

What hardware and software do you use?

“The hardware I use is mostly my Akai MPK249 and a Yamaha DX27. The software is Propellerhead Reason.”

Do you sample yourself? And if you do, what do you sample?

“I mostly sample elements for an edit from the original track. (If i sample at all) Often key elements that will make an edit sound like an edit, rather than a remix. If that makes sense? Haha.

What sample packs do you prefer to use?

PIV – DJOKO, Chriss Stussy’s sample pack and Andhera sample pack.”

What is your solution for projects which get stuck in the creative process? How do you finish these projects?

“Just keep at it. Change things, try new sounds. The track will keep evolving. Not be afraid of letting something go and create something new.”

What are you planning to produce in the near future?

“For now with the lockdown it will be producing new tracks and doing podcasts but I definitely want to get back behind the decks in clubs and festivals.”

About the track Flutter Flute you produced for AMPLIFY UNMUTE001 ; What was your inspiration for this project?

“I found this sick flute sample and thought this would be dope in a house track. It was a lot of work editing and stretching the flute to get it right on the rhythm. But it really paid off!”

What do you really like about this track?

“The flute and the bassline! The flute makes it really chill and wavy, and the bassline is a bit more macho. In general this really ensures balance.”

Where does this track really need to be played, in your humble opinion?

“Festivals across the globe! Haha :)”

Anoo Rado is one of the artists releasing on UNMUTE Records, go check out his podcast for UNMUTE now and make sure to stay tuned for the VA, AMPLIFY UNMUTE001!


Sunshine State  – Louche Records (2012)

Beware EP – Mussen Project Records (2013)

6 o’clock – Mussen Project Records (2014)

It’s Obvious Vol.1 – Obvious Records (2020)

On the Move EP – OVRDOSE DEEP (2020)

Coalesce – NOPRESET Records (2020)

Late Ninety V.A – Late Ninety (2020)

Inner Thoughts – No Preset Limited (2020)

AMPLIFY V.A. – UNMUTE Records (2021)




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