Jesse and Bastiaan from The Hague, The Netherlands met during high school at age 15. They discovered that they both shared a passion for music and creating it. The love for different styles helped them find their own. 

Bastiaan Buesink was born on the 12th of july in 1989. At the age of thirteen his parents bought magix music maker and this is when he started making songs with loops. During this period he learned to play the drums and started experimenting with DJing and producing. After finishing highschool he went to the SAE in Amsterdam where he finished the Music Production Course and studied Media & Entertainment management.

Jesse Vrede was born on the 7th of may in 1990. Jesse has always been interested in music, especially since his parents both were DJs in their younger years. At age fifteen Bastiaan and Jesse started making their own productions.

Their career started with making  house remixes of Motown classics from artists such as
Tracy Chapman, George Benson, The Whispers and many more.

Their style might be described as being deep, uplifting and funky and  they are still daily
producing new original tracks and remixes for the world to enjoy.

The Tailors have released songs through the following labels:
‘Issamin Records’ (Australia), ’96 Musique’ (France), Atlantic Records (US), ‘LeisureMusic’ (Austria), ‘Stickrsound’ (Netherlands) and ‘Be Yourself Music’ (Netherlands).
They have performed in France, Belgium, Ibiza, Spain, Monaco, India, Brazil and many more places all over the world.

Hi guys! Thanks for your time. You have been around a lot. Could you introduce yourself once more for our readers? “My name is Bastiaan, I’m 32 years old, and I live in The Hague, The Netherlands. From a young age I have had an interest in music, video and art. Next to making music and DJing I make videos (mostly with a drone) and like to make drawings digitally or by hand.”

“I’m Jesse, 31 years old. Also from The Hague. Music has always been in my roots, I love to groove and have always been into playing drums and creating beats. Next to this I have started my own furniture design company called Chenoa Designs.”

Sounds like you two are creatives pur sang. How would you describe your sound?  “Bastiaan: Well I think during the years we have grown a lot in creating our own sound. We haven’t always stuck to a certain style or genre. I think that when you make music you partially reflect the way you are feeling in that moment and where you are in life. When we started we mostly made house music, Latin house and remixes of Motown tracks. We started to discover new music styles and the electronic music scene was evolving with it. If we would have to describe our style at the moment I would describe it as funky minimal house and tech.”

I remember the tracks from back in the days, if you look at it now what would be the ideal setting and sound at a party? “Well location wise we would prefer outside, with nice weather and a good view. To be able to DJ and dance on a field, the forest, at the beach or in the mountains definitely adds to the setting. Some people also underestimate how important the lighting, décor and visuals/acts can add to creating an ideal setting. The main thing of importance is still the sound of course. Without a good sound system it is hard to create a good party.”

I agree, a nice view, acts and a booming sound system make a good combination. What makes a good DJ, in your opinion? “Well it’s a combination of having technical knowledge, music taste, knowing your music, reading the crowd, reading the DJs before you, being able to adapt and improvise and staying up to date.”

“I’ve known you guys for some time now and you’ve inspired me with the EP you’re dropping on the 31st of July. Who are the artists that have inspired you both along your musical career?” “We both have a very broad taste of music and like listening to different genres. Motown, Disco, Hip Hop, Soul, Latin, Afro there is inspiration and good songs to be found in every genre. An old soul track could have a bassline melody which could be super nice if you remake it into a house track. Or a piece of classical music could inspire me to make a melody. But people we really follow in the party scene zijn Hector Couto, Sweely, Josh Butler, Boris Werner, Detroit Swindle and DJ Assault to name a few.”

How does the above translate to your EP Get Together mean to you?  “We feel we have combined this love for music by making four funky minimal tech house tracks with an oldschool feel to them.”

Anything else you’d like our readers to know about you? “Well we hope that everyone stays strong during these difficult shitty times and that the music and events industry can grow and continue to flourish soon.”

Thanks for the interview and we’re really looking forward to all the great stories you and the release of your EP Get Together will bring forth.


EP Release Get Together 31.07.2021



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