COBYN at ADE 2019

20 - 10 - 2019

“Growing up in Wierden, COBYNN started exploring music at a young age. She taught herself to play the drums and later on the piano as well. Because of her musical developments she started listening to music in a more extensive way. Turning 19, her friends gave her a DJ course for her birthday. “That’s when my love for DJing started.” Her first bookings were in and around her hometown, where she found out that she wanted to do this as much as she could.

COBYNN moved to Amsterdam in her 20s for her studies, here she grew into more genres of electronic music. She got into contact with likeminded people and upcoming artists and that broadened her view. She temporarily moved to Paris for her studies, where she got booked via some of her Parisian friends. The love for the vibe kept growing.
After deciding Amsterdam is the place for her, she moved back in 2015. She would always bring her USB everywhere she’d go, also when she ended up at a houseparty after New Years Eve. Suddenly she was playing for a bunch of people she hardly knew, celebrating the start of the new year.
After this houseparty she got booked for her first official gig at the Chicago Social Club in Amsterdam. At that time COBYNN was still allround orientated, including Hiphop and R&B, which taught her the technical part of playing very well. Due to the experiences the Amsterdam vibrant nightlife offered her, she grew more and more into House. She decided to only accept the gigs that were in line with her musical interests.
In her starting career as a DJ and as a resident of Amsterdam, she came across parties from SlapFunk Records and VBX. After an evening at HYTE she ended up at the afterparty in the always intimate venue BRET, where leading names Samuel Deep and Ferro were performing a back2back set. This blew her mind and evolved her world.
She now describes her sound as Minimal House. “I always look for music that is a bit edgy, contains a deep groove and radiates energy through preferably some pronounced drums/hi-hats. I really dig the Romanian sound as well. For me the Romanian sound embodies how I want to experience the minimal vibe”.
COBYNN started listening to tracks and sets layer by layer. At first she could listen to a track over and over while only focussing on the hi hats. Then she’d play the same track over and over to discover where the baseline would take her. Add some more hours of listening to the kicks and she successfully unraveled the track. “This probably has something to do with my background in playing drums. Of course these were tracks that instantly came into my faves, and all minimalistic house. Most of those tracks have such a unique and groovy way of sounds being put together.” The artists inspiring her nowadays vary from Amsterdams’ own Reiss, Cabanne, Youandewan to the Romanian heroes Raresh and Praslea and of course one of Paris’ finest artists Sweely, whom she’s playing alongside during ADE.
Even though COBYNN is not producing music at the moment she has aspirations to do so. “In 2016, after I graduated from my Bachelor, I completed an Ableton course. Although I haven’t put it to use just yet. I have a COBYNN of inspiration and I want to put my creativity in creating my own tracks – for me it is all about finding the right balance between playing gigs and producing. For the phase that I’m in, I feel like putting most of my energy in my gigs.”
Her favorite gigs so far were during a tour in Tulum, Mexico. She went to Mexico earlier this year for multiple bookings, and loved it! Now COBYNN is looking forward to her gig at Marktkantine B2B with Odette. She will be opening the evening for Prunk and Samuel Deep, mentioned earlier as one of her big inspirations. After that, ADE is coming up with a booking at Kopstootbar with live producer, Sweely. “I will be taking over right after Sweely. I personally love his unique style of live producing; always delivering refined grooves but at the same time powerful enough to blast away a full warehouse