Interview JAEN

BLOG INTERVIEW JAEN 31-08-2021 Today we sat down with our friend JAEN from Belgium to discuss his productions, creative process and his debut EP here at UNMUTE. We took a look at how he is coping with the pandemic and what his views into the future look like. As always we are excited to amplify […]

Interview Tailors

BLOG INTERVIEW TAILORS 22-07-2021 Jesse and Bastiaan from The Hague, The Netherlands met during high school at age 15. They discovered that they both shared a passion for music and creating it. The love for different styles helped them find their own. 
 Bastiaan Buesink was born on the 12th of july in 1989. At the age […]

Interview J-Evans & Canty, Surge

BLOG INTERVIEW A SUDDEN POWERFUL MOVEMENT WITH J-EVANS AND CANTY 24-03-2021 A delightful insight into the rising newcomer label Surge Recordings and how it all started for the two as friends and promotors in Liverpool, UK. Anecdotes, tips and tricks and a whole lot of laughter, as we dive deep into one of our favorite […]

Interview Tommaso Pizzelli

BLOG INTERVIEW NEW DIRECTIONS WITH TOMMASO PIZZELLI 04-03-2021 Today we sit down with the rising talent Tommaso Pizzelli to talk about his life, influences and passions. The young Italian has recently moved to Amsterdam, and we were interested to hear what his experiences are compared to his hometown Milano. Also, we will be diving into […]

Interview Alex Dam and Zambiancki

BLOG INTERVIEW ALEX DAM AND ZAMBIANCKI 12-02-2021 Alex Dam & Zambiancki are well known names in the Deep Tech genre. This duo produced records with labels Whoyostro, Floorpiece Digital, Pitch Records & Ovrdose Deep and now drops the marvellous ‘Sapore’ hard hitter on our new Album AMPLIFY. We held an in depth interview with these […]

Interview Max Haas

BLOG INTERVIEW MAX HAASE ADE 2019 Max started his musical journey at a very young age. His uncle was a DJ and was the person that got Max into his passion for DJing. When Max’ uncle was 20 years old nobody was a DJ as a profession, that didn’t really exist in Argentina during that […]

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