Rutger Doornbos

Amsterdam based Rutger Doornbos has a broad musical taste, which is very present in his DJ sets. With a refined love for jazz, hip hop, funk, disco and the origins of house from the Chicago districts he loves to deliver house, techno and disco orientated DJ sets with occasional outsteps to the less prevailing genres in electronic club music. This gives him the ability to pull out an African disco bomb after playing a forgotten house classic, before warming the crowd up again for some unexpected techno bangers.

The flexibility of his DJ sets and energy with which he delivers them to the crowd, show that Rutger Doornbos has a more than appropriate feeling for dancefloor needs. The mobility with which he switches between genres whilst keeping the vibe of the room, however, shows that Rutger Doornbos always stays keen to educate the crowd by delivering the unexpected, without refraining from delivering what’s good.

Besides being a huge music aficionado, Rutger Doornbos carries an innate passionate love for DJing. He even used to mix different tracks together by using two Walkmans and two pairs of headphones when he was six years old. Not as an one time trial, but for hours a day, every day. This almost obsessive love for the craft and the satisfaction he gets out of it really comes across to the crowd when you see him play.

Expect full concentrated focus being alternated with sincere smiles of joy and some occasional jumping around, all contributing to the main goal, which is making people feel happy, joyful and blessed, lost into the music, not caring about the hassle of daily life.


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