unmute/(ˌ)ʌnˈmjuːt/to allow to be heard

Amsterdam based music platform, event company and artist agency.
UNMUTE amplifies frequencies – together we get heard.


UNMUTE organises several club events, mostly in and around Amsterdam. At the moment our active parties consist of Klerenbende, Social Swingers Club and Peak Mystique. Besides that we also did festival stage productions for Amsterdam Open Air 2017, Solar Weekend 2017 and Kingsland Festival Amsterdam 2017. More info on our events can be found on the respective Facebook and Event pages, for inquiries please contact info@unmute.nl.


Unmute focuses on a broad spectrum of quality electronic club music and discovering talented artists. By nurturing creativity and creating an environment where their skills can develop we aim to play the long term game.

With a roster of upcoming artists UNMUTE ensures a stimulating creative atmosphere where everybody helps each other to thrive. This makes UNMUTE a synergetic musical family that is dedicated to amplify the frequencies of those who deserve to be heard.

Rutger Doornbos
Booking Agent & Operations Manager

Carel van Oosterzee
Community Manager

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